Usa and Cuba flags united again raster illustration concept in vivid saturated colors and grunge style.
MADRID, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 14th 2015: Airplane -Iliushin IL-96-300-, of -Cubana Airlines- airline, landing on Madrid-Barajas -Adolfo Suarez- airport, on February 14th 2015.

Recent historic events concerning the Republic of Cuba, have focused the world on the business, commerce and investment potential Cuba offers, with its highly skilled & trained engineers, medical, legal and other professionals. While many individuals and companies have their idea of what business they want to do in Cuba, in fact it’s government has for years identified, quantified and structured industry-specific goals and even projects. There is a “plan”.

Yet, tapping into the potential of participating in those ventures and opportunities requires long term and specific knowledge and experience with Cuba’s legal, financial and government structure; its culture, philosophy and long term goals; as well pinpoint expertise with U.S. Treasury (OFAC) and Department of Commerce requirements regarding doing business in Cuba.

Investing in any foreign country requires professional guidance and advice. When it comes to Cuba, there are entities and persons who claim to be the right choice to guide your business in Cuba. But, do they have resources in Cuba to do so? Do they have experience doing business in or related to Cuba? Do they truly understand Cuba’s history, economy, culture, social priorities and industries? Have they even been to Cuba, or just cobbling together an academic business plan? Or worse–just “winging it’?

U.S.-Cuba Business Advisors™ is a cross border consulting firm focusing solely on Cuba. With a team of business, legal, academic, financial and related professionals based in both the U.S. and Cuba, U.S.-Cuba Business Advisors™ provides “boots on the ground” resources in Cuba as well as the U.S. The opportunities in Cuba did not “pop up” or recently become available.

Saul Cimbler, President of U.S. Cuba Business Advisors™ (has been involved in analyzing, structuring and advising international and U.S. businesses in doing business in Cuba, way before it now became popular. Whether the Mariel Port Project, Havana Harbor, tourism, agriculture, medical, real estate & development or manufacturing sectors of the economy Cuban, U.S.-Cuba Business Advisors™ is the best choice to assure the proper vetting out and if desirable, implementation of a business initiative in Cuba.

For a confidential conversation regarding your potential business interest regarding Cuba, call Saul Cimbler at