Cuban Diplomats, Experts and Consultant Saul Cimbler and other attends Univ of Fla. Law School Cuba Conference

Nov 28, 2015

On May 11, the University of Florida Law School held its’ Annual International Law Symposium at the Law School on Legal and Policy Issues in Latin America .   Special presentations were made by many prominent Cuba experts who came in from across the United States, including one former head of the U.S. Interest Section in Cuba.

The event was designed around topic specific forums.  One, included a panel by the Hon. Jose Cabanas, at the time, the head of the Cuban Interest Section in Washington, and now the Hon. Ambassador of Cuba to the United States.  Also present was Jesus Prez, the Third Secretary of the mission, charged with such issues as LGBT rights, religious issues as well as Congressional Staff relations.    The Seminar concluded with a social event at the Dean’s house.   The timely event covered issues ranging from Agriculture, Trade, Diplomatic Relations and other topics of the day regarding Cuba.  About 6 lawyers, several Cuba-related businessman, and leading academicians assured the success of the event.

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