U.S. Cuba Advisory Group President Saul Cimbler attends BIONAT Fair

Nov 28, 2015

On March 11-14, 2015, Saul Cimbler, President of U.S. Cuba Business Advisory attended the three day BIONAT Fair in Havana, which included substanataive seminars regarding Cuba’s BioMedical and Natural Products industry.

Long considered a leader in cutting edge medicines and natural products, the seminar gave approximately 1000 world wide participants the ability to interact with the Cuban BioMedical and Natural Products industry at several levels, whether business development or professional education.

Participants were able to speak with representatives of such entities as the NICS, Clinicas Finalay, which researches and produces “vaccines” as well as Huber, the Cuban marketing arm as well as MediCuba and others.

By participating in the fair, and its events, U.S. Cuba Business Advisory has been able to maintain up to date contacts and information on marketable import of vaccines, medicines and natural products to Cuba.

In the forefront of current vaccines is Citropot-P, which is a “vaccine” that cures diabetic foot ulcers, and then provides a prophylactic against diabetic infections.

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