Saul Cimbler, President of U.S. Cuba Business Advisory attends MediCuba Convention in Havana

Nov 28, 2015

In April, Medicuba SA, held its international trade show in Havana, Cuba at the Palcio de las Convenciones, Cuba’s premier expo site, which is adjacent to the Hotel Palco.

Saul Cimbler, President of U.S. Cuba Business Advisory attended the event. MediCuba is Cuba’s drug, reagent and medical supply importer.

Saul attended the event to update and pursue business relationships with MediCuba and its’ existing suppliers. Attending the event permits U.S. Cuba Business Advisory to obtain hands on knowledge and experience on the opportunities that exist in importing drugs, reagents and medical supplies into Cuba.

Saul can be reached at saul@legallydoingbusinessincuba.comIMG_20150421_113703

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