Saul Cimbler & U.S. Cuba Advisors participates in CCAA 39th Annual Conference “Cuba, the Caribbean & Central America”

Nov 30, 2015

Distinguished lawmakers, consular officials, businessmen, regulatory officials and academicians versed in issues regarding Cuba and the Caribbean, collaborated in the Caribbean Central Action Committees annual conference in Miami from Nov 15-17, 2015.  The focus of the seminar was a collegial analysis of how Cuba will affect traditional Caribbean trade and travel given the historic changes in the U.S.-Cuba Policy which were ushered in since December 17, 2015.

The conference was broken down into several plenary sessions as well as topic specific break outs. Unlike many “Cuba Seminars”, this seminar covered specific issues, in details.  The schedule is attached to this blog.   Unlike similar seminars, this event was not a critical analysis of the issue, but an opportunity for those looking to do or understand business related to Cuba, to learn about the Cuban legal, banking and business models; specific opportunities; learn about OFAC and Dept of Commerce regulations; energy and ecological systems; travel opportunities and challenges; agricultural sector; transportation infrastructure, all while focusing on the role which Island nations will continue to have and prosper with the inclusion of Cuba as a direct U.S. point of destination.


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